New generation solar modules




In the context of continuously rising prices for raw materials and components for solar power plants, as well as the crisis in the international logistics market [1], consumer requirements for solar modules are also changing. Today, 500 Wp+ modules are in the highest demand. This trend is explained by the fact that the increased cost makes it unprofitable to use low-power panels made by outdated technologies (polycrystal, full cell, 166 mm cell type). Having phased them out back in 2020, Swiss Solar AG has completely re-equipped its production lines to manufacture products using the latest technology:


  • PERC;
  • 9BB, 10BB, 12BB;
  • half-cut cell;


That allowed the company to focus on the production of these types of modules:


  • high power solar modules (182 mm and 210 mm)
  • bifacial (glass and glass) with transparent back sheet 166 mm cell type
  • bifacial high power cell type (182 mm)


The right strategy and timely investment in new technology allowed Swiss Solar to quickly develop and bring the next generation solar modules to the market:

  • IBEX -132 MHC EIGER 500 Wp;
  • IBEX -144 MHC EIGER 545 Wp.

Designed with the A-class cell type using PERC and half-cut-cell technologies, they have an increased (up to 21.09 %) efficiency, which is 0.72 % higher than that of the previous generation modules (COSMOS series). The high performance of the new modules is achieved due to the use of 182 mm cells.

These benefits mean that EIGER modules technology in solar plant construction can significantly reduce the cost of the whole system by reducing the cost of:

  • delivery;
  • mounting system;
  • cable;
  • labor.

This is evident from the results of the BOS analysis for both generations shown in Table 1.


Table. 1 Comparative data for IBEX 144MHC Cosmos, IBEX 144MHC Eiger and IBEX 60M Eiger

During the research and development of the new modules, our engineers were able to determine the optimal frame thickness for the modules and to reduce the module weight to 28 kg. Following tests confirmed the absolute reliability of the 35 mm frame for modules up to 2465 mm/1134 mm. The advantages of using a lightweight design are obvious:

  • less load on steel structures and roofs;
  • lower transportation costs per unit (a pallet of 31 pieces with a 35 mm frame instead of only 26 pieces with a 40 mm frame);
  • lower modules price for the end buyer.

All these advantages of the new modules were so apparent to our customers that the IBEX -132 MHC EIGER 500 Wp and IBEX -144 MHC EIGER 545 Wp became the best-selling modules in the first two quarters after their market launch.

To meet customers wishes, Swiss Solar retained the signature black frame color. The company also plans to increase the cable length to 600 mm and offer a unique design that will distinguish it from other manufacturers and also prevent counterfeit.