How to be a Swiss Solar distributor


As Swiss Solar expands production and enters new markets, it opens up new opportunities for distributors.

Swiss Solar AG is a manufacturer of premium solar modules.

Thanks to a complete production cycle, from design to manufacturing and delivery of the final product we are able to manufacture products whose quality meets the highest international standards.

We offer an extended warranty of up to 20 years on products and 30 years on performance for standard MONO-PERC-HALF-CELL- modules, as well as 25 years on products and 30 years on bifacial modules.

What we offer

Swiss Solar builds relationships with distributors based on a mutually beneficial partnership. Our goal is a long-term business relationship based on shared values, a high level of responsibility and the creation of conditions for mutual development.

We provide our partners with:

  • premium quality products from a European manufacturer;
  • secure payments via reliable European banks;
  • timely delivery of goods;

· European warranty.

The favorable location of the company’s warehouse (Rotterdam, the Netherlands) enables fast and inexpensive delivery of solar modules all over the world.

Therefore, when ordering products from stock, our partners:

  • do not have to wait until the modules they ordered are manufactured in the factory, but can get them straight from our warehouse (from order to delivery – a maximum of 14 days);
  • receive products that already passed customs clearance;
  • can take advantage of the delivery service “from warehouse to your doorstep”.

As an equal partner, Swiss Solar offers its distributors flexible and mutually beneficial payment terms. In the future, each of the distributors can obtain a certain status:

  • Silver Partner (official and certified distributor);
  • Gold Partner (exclusive certified distributor in the region);
  • Platinum Partner (exclusive certified distributor in the country of company’s registration).

Any of the above statuses gives the distributor an advantage in sales and commercial projects.

In addition, it is no secret that European buyers prefer modules of European brands. This allows for quick replacement in case equipment defects are identified. Efficient and fast warranty service is another advantage that increases customer loyalty and, as a result, leads to increased sales for the distributor.

Our partners

We offer partnership to all distribution companies regardless of their size, geographical location, sales volume and financial capabilities.

Are you a large company with an extensive network of regional offices? Do you have a unique sales business model?

– We will offer you individual terms of cooperation.

Do you have a small company that is just making its first steps in the PV business?

– The high quality of our products, availability of European certificates, extended warranty and its compliance will reduce your risks, increase sales and ensure the growth of your company.


We understand that it’s impossible to see all the benefits of partnership in these short lines, but it can be done in a discussion together. Call our Global Sales Representative at +41 445 514214 or email us at Take the time to discuss a mutually beneficial partnership with us and get the opportunity to take your business to the next level with Swiss Solar panels.