Introducing new module IBEX-108MHC-EiGER


The evolution of solar module manufacturing has led to an increase in the power output for the standard module, which was achieved through the use, of the latest type of cell with a size (182mm x 182mm). Swiss Solar AG correctly predicted that modules with such cells will be the key trend in 2021. Therefore, 85% of manufacturing was redesigned for the making of the new type of solar modules. Thus, a new series of modules was born at Swiss Solar AG, it got the name EiGER.


The challenge for the engineers was to keep up with market demands, and at the same time satisfy needs of:



· Utility

· Residential


For several months, analysts at Swiss Solar AG surveyed and monitored the wishes of customers who use modules for residential markets. As a result, they decided to develop the new IBEX-108MHC-EiGER and IBEX-108MHC-EiGER-BLACK modules. This increased the efficiency and power of the solar module, while keeping its weight and size. It should also be noted that Swiss Solar AG is focused on the high demand in European countries specifically for the IBEX-108MHC-EiGER, which as a percentage, will exceed the IBEX-120MHC-COSMOS by 23.1%. It is related to the legislation of the European Union, which does not allow installing solar modules weighing more than 25 kg on the rooftop. This series of modules is fully adapted to the labor laws of the European Union and will allow easy use of this model for installation on all types of roofs. The IBEX-108MHC-EiGER and IBEX-108MHC-EiGER-BLACK are a new range of modules, which replaced the previous generation of solar modules on cell type (166mm x 83mm) IBEX-120MHC-COSMOS and IBEX-120MHC-COSMOS-BLACK.


In this article we want to provide you with a comparison of these two types of modules:



Based on the abovementioned characteristics, we clearly see a significant advantage in using and installing the new generation of IBEX-108MHC-EiGER and IBEX-108MHC-EiGER-BLACK modules. Comparative analysis proves to us that the new engineering lowers:


· Delivery costs

· Mounting system

· Cable

· Labor


Altogether, this reduces the total cost of the solar plant.