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Swiss Solar to open a new warehouse in the Netherlands.

Swiss Solar AG keeps expanding into European market. A brand-new distribution center in Rotterdam will make Swiss Solar products more accessible to the clients, while reducing the delivery time and introducing no-contact delivery, an essential feature during a pandemic.

Swiss Solar amplifies its infrastructure and makes its products even more attractive. Around 5,000,000 euros have been invested into the establishing of a new distribution center in Rotterdam, the second largest city in the Netherlands with the biggest sea port in Europe. The warehouse spreads over 20,000 square meters and boasts the highest logistics standards, class A. It is planned to unroll in May 2021.

“We are ready to provide our European clients with customs-cleared solar modules both from our classical line-up, such as IBEX MHC 400, 450, 500, 545, and 590 EiGER, as well as the type Full Black, which are our newest models,” said Swiss Solar Head of Sales Pavel Sadovskij. Now, the clients can skip waiting for the production and order the finished product directly from the warehouse.

The strategically favorable location in combination with the highly developed infrastructure (highways, railroads, sea and domestic ports) is going to reduce delivery time and costs. Moreover, inhouse freight and trucking desk ensures a smooth operational transition from warehouse to transportation. Thus a contactless transportation is possible, which is relevant and essential in a pandemic. The warehouse cooperates with around 50 carrier companies, who guarantee a delivery to any spot of the world for a reasonable price.

Another key player in the service optimization is a Swiss carrier partner Access World. The pros of the partnership are:

• full transportation service, from ordering to final delivery;

• client support Silver, Gold and Platinum;

• global coverage.

And last but not least, the company plans a new type of service by the end of 2021 – mounting systems delivery for sloping roofs.

Swiss Solar warehouse address:

Broekman Distriport b.v., Mannheimweg 3

3197LR, Botlek-Rotterdam, The Netherlands